Al-Neshour General Trading & Agencies Co.

Al-Neshour General Trading and Agencies started its activities in the marketing of oils and greases since 2008. It was one of the leading companies in the fields of trade, agencies and services in Yemen. During this period, Al Neshour was able to cover most of the Yemeni market with the best types of motor and grease oils This is taking care to market these products at competitive prices. During these years and in light of the great competition, Alnshour made every effort to meet the requirements of the Yemeni market through a specialized cadre of administrative staff who conduct continuous surveys to study the Yemeni market. Al Nashour Company is always the first to meet the needs of the Yemeni market. Market by a network of qualified distributors supported by a fleet of transport vehicles.

ابراهيم خليل

Chairman of Board of Directors

نجيب الحاشدي

Sales Manager

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